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    Introduction of Vendor Bridge

    Vendor Bridge is dedicated to provide our customers with a wide range of furniture selection at super reasonable price. Vendor Bridge is committed to source products from the furniture solution manufacturers in the world.

    Wondered how we work and why?

    We act as a bridge to connect vendors with customers. We eliminate the middle men and reduce the costs in storage and retail stores by sourcing the products directly from the manufactures and delivering to our customers. We represent a group of excellent supplying vendors and relying on our strong logistic team to deliver the products.

    We are also capable of professional installation and reliable and safe delivery. Our job is to go beyond your expectation and provide extraordinary customer satisfaction.

    Why we offer FREE products?

    We want you to experience our excellent products and first class customer services. 

    If you were satisfied our products and services, please do no hesitate to share with your family and friends.

    Vendor Bridge Team.